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Export Market Research

Export Market Entry

Researching Overseas Suppliers

There are over 190 countries in the world – some of which will offer greater potential of sales for your company than others.

NDO will work with you to identify clear market research criteria, then will undertake desk and where required, field research to access those markets.

New To Import/Export

We assist your company in generating and enhancing the sales of your products in other countries, as we guide you through every aspect of importing and exporting to the desired profitable global market.


  • Export Market Entry

We offer help in:

  • Defining and prioritizing target export markets,
  • Assessing product suitability for the target export market.


  • Researching Overseas Suppliers

Many companies wish to buy from overseas to take advantage of lower prices offered by developing countries.

International Trade Helpline

Our helpline offers support for importers and exporters. We offer various levels of service to suit your need.

NDO can act as your agent or distributor at your preference , setting up representations, managing of international sales, identifying the areas of achievement, in order to add on value to your business.

We can assist manufacturers to find overseas buyers and vice-versa and provide them with pertinent market information.


We can recruit businesses and represent overseas companies’ interests in UK and vice-versa, as we have cultural and commercial awareness providing you with the best approach for your business strategy in gaining these markets.